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Jamie Bennett Enamel

Opaque Enamel by Jamie Bennett

I love the colors, shapes and the nice speckle Jamie Bennett uses for this striking enamel.
Simple lines combined with a restricted color palette make this a beautiful piece of wearable art.
This piece was made 1980 – 1990 according to the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)

To find out more about Jamie and his work, click here.

Sue Brown Combines Enamelling & Handmade Books and Produces Magic!

Sue Brown Enamelled Book
Imagine my delight when I came across the work of Sue Brown on Pinterest.

Sue works on steel for this concertina book. She uses a variety of techniques, including sand blasting to achieve these results.

I just love the contrasts of the solid areas with the delicate tracery of the pierced work.
Sue used the photographs of her own insect collection for this book.

Sue’s blog is a delight and absolutely worth visiting, allow some time, there’s so much beautiful work there!


2 Jewellery Inspiration & Souvenir from Katherine NT

Wattle Seed from Edith Falls (NT)

A few years ago I spent a week teaching Metal clay and Fusing Glass in Darwin (Aus. Nothern Territory) We had 2 weekend workshops and a whole week free in between!

Although this was many years ago, I fell in love with the territory, I was shown around Darwin by my lovely hosts and took a bus trip to Katherine Gorge – a sublime landscape that has a rich history with its traditional owners the Jawoyn people. There are lots of aboriginal rock paintings, easily acceseable when you take one of the boat trips through the gorge.

On the way back we stopped at Edith Falls where we had a change to swim, in a waterhole that had crocodiles in it!!! And you know what…. we all did! And we’re still here to tell the tale:) Of course my interest was with the local Flora, in particular the wattles that grow there. The trees were very young still, but they had these unbelievably beautiful seeds, as wattles often do. These were totally fresh and I managed to get myself one or two of them for future reference.

They are all dried up now and the seeds have lost their brilliance, toned down to an earthy red iso of the vibrant orange they were then, still beautiful, but in a more muted way, and of course their exquisite form remains the same. Here they are as they were then….. memories of the Territory, I’ll just have to get back there next winter!

Wattle Seed from Edith Falls (NT)

Wattle Seed from Edith Falls (NT)

Wattle Seed from Edith Falls (NT)

Wattle Seed from Edith Falls (NT)