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Todays Favourite Enamelling Pin-8-December

Julia Turner Enamel Brooch (via Pinterest)

Simplicity in shape and colour

My favourite pin today came from jewellery by Julia Turner.

From an exhibition that was held at Facèré Gallery in October 2011

Julia Turner Enamel Brooch (via Pinterest)

Black and White are my favourite colours to wear, with some Red and Grey for a little extra variation, an easy wardrobe that travels well.

Julia’s jewellery is just about tailor-made for me and would fit in very nicely, thank you very much:)


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Today’s Favourite Pin- 7 Dec 2012

Anne-Havel - Prison Series - Silver & Enamel Brooch

Anne Havel – Prison Cell Series: Cell Magnified or Boo?

Sugar-fired enamel contrasts nicely with the oxidised silver.

Anne Torch fired this enamel. Although I kiln fire most of my enamels, I find torch firing easier when a specific level of under-firing is required, as in this sugar firing, but also when you are looking for an orange peel firing. To judge the level of firing in the kiln is not as easy, with the torch it’s ‘What you see is what you get’

Anne-Havel - Prison Series - Silver & Enamel Brooch

Brooch/Pendant. torch-fired vitreous enamel on copper. Sifted and underfired to sugar coat in multiple firings.
Pierced, soldered, riveted, fabricated, formed, oxidized, textured. sterling silver, copper, 14kt gold.

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