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2 Wisteria Colour Palette

Wisteria Enamel Palette by

My Garden at Tamborine Mountain was beautiful and even though we have moved away from there the photos I took are still inspiring me.

This week’s palette comes from the Wisteria that grew over the latice work of the pergola.
Tamborine is a cooler climate than most of Queensland, this is where Wisteria is just brilliant.
It gives very dense leaf cover in Summer, this keeps the heat off the windows, but in winter all the foliage is gone, letting the sun come through and all the flowers appear, I love that!

Wisteria Enamel Palette by


The colours of the flowers are rich and beautiful, just on the cool side of purple. They contrast nicely with the surrounding foliage.
I’ve concentrated on just two colours for the background; a Blue-Green, nearly teal and a bright Yellow-Green That is nearly the perfect complimentary
of the purple. I think this palette would make a gorgeous enamel!

Look at the distribution of the colours I picked, work out a rough percentage of the total area and how dominant it is, try to keep the balance right if you’re planning to use this palette.

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Bamboo – Enamelling Palette

Bamboo Enamelling Palette

This week we went to buy some bamboo to plant for a screen along the fence line (neighbours looking in…. you know)

I had absolutely no idea how many gorgeous varieties there were! This giant bamboo is not going to be too practical in my small garden, but I did get 2 smaller species, can’t wait to get them in the ground this weekend!

In the meantime I had to share their fabulous colours with you….. I think this is a beautiful, muted palette, one I might have to design a ‘Transparent on Silver’ enamel for…. after the holidays!

Bamboo Enamelling Palette by Enamelista

Bamboosa Chungii


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David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants – Great Color Inspiration from Kew Gardens!

We’re in the middle of a new mini series on TV here in Australia – David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants – and true to form, it is totally amazing! Botanics are the main inspiration for most of my work, so I am glued to the couch for this wonderful series. The amount of time spent and expertise applied to this massive project will make it a ‘must see’ for anyone who loves plants and gardens.


When the first episode went to air it was followed by a short docco ‘The Making of the Kingdom of Plants’

I always watch these type of documentaries, I’m fascinated by how people do things, how stuff works and the strange skills some people have that are crucial to getting these amazing shots. Have a look here:

If you were ever stuck for a new colour palette, watching this mini series will give you enough to last several lifetimes, not to speak of all the other design inspiration on offer. I hope you like the colours I picked from one of the fungus shots.

One day I’d love to go to Kew Gardens and get lost there for a week, or 10 – I don’t suppose I’d even get close to the fabulous historical collections they have – but I’m sure any time there would be well spent!